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Samy R.R. Vermeulen

Engel der Demut

Artikelnr.: 100529
Kategorie: Skulptur
Motiv: Abstrakt
Stilrichtung: Sakrale Kunst
Technik: Metall
Trägermaterial: Metall
Präsentation: siehe Beschreibung
Höhe (in cm): 173
Breite (in cm): 80
Preis: 8.400,00 €

Engel der Demut - Vorderseite

  •  Samy R.R. Vermeulen - Engel der Demut - Rückseite
  •  Samy R.R. Vermeulen - Engel der Demut - Oberkörper vorn
  •  Samy R.R. Vermeulen - Engel der Demut - Oberkörper seitlich
Titel: Engel der Demut
Seriennummer: #2

1,73m groß

robuster 4mm Aluminiumguss

Oberfläche Wunschpatina (auf Foto Bronze)

Fest verbindbar mit jedem Untergrund

Offene Edition

Lieferzeit: 3 bis 6 Monate

Motiv: Abstrakt
Entstehungsjahr: 2010 - 2014
Entstehungsbundesland: Ausland
Entstehungsland: Asien
Stilrichtung: Sakrale Kunst
Stilbezeichnung: Teilfigurativer Minimalismus
Technik: Metall
Trägermaterial: Metall
Präsentation: siehe Beschreibung
Zustand: neu
Zustandsbeschreibung: fest verbindbar mit jedem Untergrund
Gewicht (in kg): 50
Höhe (in cm): 173
Breite (in cm): 80
Tiefe (in cm): 50

The artist obtained his education by a jump into the deep end. The vocational training for steel locksmith was followed by a vocational training for sailor of merchant shipping and just under six years on the high seas all over the globe. Through the requirements of life but also through a strong personal impetus he de-velopped his creativity in occupation with and in analysis of the limited means of the GDR times. He has collected his creative impressions in more than 40 countries so far. His works of art individually express the nature of his inner being. what does my art intent? "first of all, i create my works of art out of an aesthetic idea. this outer shape then reveals the content to me. and sometimes, underneath this first truth there lies another truth on a more profound level. if i can get a hold of it, i place it at the disposal of those who are interested. while doing so, the viewers absolutely have to have the opportunity to gain their own experience with the object. often people give me their eyes and their way of understanding and then i can recognize myself anew through them. for these gifts I am very grateful." "i intent to captivate the viewers by means of my aesthetic, to touch them profoundly and drag them into the work of art. until they encounter themselves. until they start asking questions and start searching for answers. and perhaps even find answers…"


Sculptor, Figurativ & Abstrakt




CV Samy R.R.Vermeulen Born 1963, Frankfurt Oder, Germany Occupations: Steel Locksmith, Sailor Merchant Fleet Army 1982/ 83 Years of exploring the world while travelling and working in other cultures Creative Steelworks since 2000 Sculptor autodidact since 2002 Saddled in Indonesia since 2008 Since 2002: Many international Solo- and Group Exhibitions in Germany, Swizze, Austria, Spain and Indonesia. Unique Art-Design-Shows in Vienna, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt Artwork with several international Dance Companies Concerts and teaching in Mongolian Throat Voice Technics Membership Sculpture Network Membership API (Association Of Indonesian Sculptors) Indonesia since 2012


seit 2002 international, vorwiegend Europa & Asien

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Preis: 8.400,00 €
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